It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well I have been able to do it for years and have helped many others achieve the same. Being free from all the usual diet restrictions and all the “taboo” foods we try to avoid. I absolutely love my diet and never feel like I am missing out on any foods. I want to help you feel this same way, I want you to enjoy the dieting process. I also want to show people just how much easier it is to diet when you can still eat all the foods you want.


Is this your first time eating a plant based diet?

I have been there before myself and know how stressful it can be trying something new. You don’t want to give up the goals you have set or even worse, backtrack on them. I want to make that change seamless and easy for you. I want to take the guess work out, the weeks of research, and all the trial and error while you burn away that hard earned muscle. Get all the help you need from myself and a large selection of foods to make the transition easy. Everything has been laid out in categories so it is as simple as selecting your carbs, fats and proteins that you want to try for the week and I will make it fit.

But counting calories is so complicated and so much work!

Let me do the hard part for you....

Enter Your Email Address

It all starts by entering your email address. Shortly after doing so you will receive an email. This email will have a form for you to fill out. The form will have a list of foods you choose to eat and a few questions so we are on the same page.

Plan For Success

I will receive the filled out form and start the wizardry and number crunching. With the information provided I will calculate your daily calorie allowance and macro-nutrients to obtain your goal.

Insert Food Here

No cookie cutter one size fits all diet here. I will create a personalized meal plan for the week using the foods you chose. The foods will all be properly portioned to meet your goals. Simple as cook, weigh, eat.

Not All Good Things Need To End

A week later the process starts over again. You get another email to fill out and send back. I make a diet with the foods you want to eat and everyone is happy. Why make dieting harder then it has to be?

I want to help you reach your goals, whether you are looking to lose weight or gain more muscle. I believe the best way to do this is by having a diet which is sustainable. I have personally tried and tested many diets but have found most to be too restricting and hard to follow. I have put the process to the test by competing in fitness competitions and teaching others how to successfully lose weight while eating whatever they want. Click here to learn more about me and to see if we are a good fit.

Lets Talk About Pricing...

When we hear the words personalized or customized we can usually jump to the assumption a big price tag comes with it. In fact we almost come to expect it because someone is taking the time to tailor the product to your needs and desires. I believe this is what it takes to make a diet truly sustainable and something you will be able to adhere to. Lets be 100% honest here, eating the same thing each week WILL make you lose weight and it can get you to your goal. But is it sustainable? I am confident that this diet will be the easiest yet to adhere to. I am so confident in it that the first month is 100% FREE ! No obligations, no contracts, no hidden fees. All I ask from you is a commitment to stick to it so we can reach your goals together.

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