3 Month Plan


What you get:

  • Each week you will get a chance to tell me what you want to eat.
  • 12 weeks of a personalized diet
  • A diet geared towards your goals
  • Access to my Facebook group for any questions or guidance you may need


This is how long it takes to get ready for most fitness competitions. 3 weeks is enough time to really transform your body and get to know what works and what doesn’t. This is a great way to get into plant based eating if you are not already. 3 months gives you the time to really try it out but takes all the research and guess work out of it. For less then a large coffee a day, at $1.27 per day, this plan is one of the best valued ways to transform your body. You get 12 weeks of personalized meal plans to get you to your goal. You will also get access to my Facebook group where you can ask questions or pick my brain for more information.

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