Soooo I  suppose I should probably introduce myself so you can know what is driving this page. Well, hello! My name is Cody, it’s nice to meet you! Now that we got that out of the way I’ll let you know why I’m here.
I grew up on an acreage all the way up here in Canada, this is a place where drinking beer and watching hockey is almost considered a religion eh. But that being said I have always been relatively active. But after high school, like most of us who don’t continue to be active afterwards, I got fat.
Wings, beers and hockey games were at least a 3 night a week affair. To put this in perspective I am 6′, I had no muscle back then and I was 240lbs. Eventually me and my buddy started to go to the closest rec center a few nights a week and started weight training. From there on I was hooked!
With huge diet changes, and just going to a gym I was able to drop down to 165lbs. Losing 75lbs as you can imagine is a huge change, I felt better, people looked at me different, I became a lot more confident. Fast forward about 7 years later, I have continued with my fitness journey. I competed in 3 bodybuilding shows, I became a personal trainer, and I have got my body from that 165 to a 200 lbs.
My cousins all eat a raw diet, and wow they look healthy! So I have been aware of a plant based diet for awhile and the benefits it brings with. I never thought I could do it though because my passion is fitness and I needed to eat 200g of protein a day. How the heck can you do that eating plants?
Well after some research and I won’t lie watching some documentaries, I wanted to give it a try. I started living off tofu and black beans because that is all I knew about at first. A year later and I still have not ate meat, I have successfully bulked and am in the process of cutting back down now. I have no interest in going back to my old diet as I have learned I can continue my passion for fitness and do so by eating plants.
So I want to help others see that and stop people from thinking you need meat to have muscle. Share all the protein packed meals I have found and help people make the switch. Even if it’s just by sharing a recipe where someone who eats meat tries it and actually enjoys it, without needing the meat I am happy. Share with others the things I have picked up over the years of training and dieting. So ask me questions, tell me what you want information about, or just read a caption and maybe learn something new.