What everyone NEEDS more of

There are not many things that I place before food. I mean really it is a necessity to live so technically speaking it’s not just me 😋. It’s a social thing, it tastes great, it is satisfying and it brings with it… GAINS. So that bring said, it really is hard to top that. But there is another necessity that doesn’t get the same rap, probably because it doesn’t have taste.

Got any guesses yet? I imagine most got it, water! We know how important water is, and how the majority of your body is made up of it. But what else is it good for? We need it but why?

Your body is constantly losing water through breathing, sweating, and digestion so you need to keep drinking to replenish your body. Water lubricates your joints which is a huge benefit if you train, or walk, or really do anything. Water is also used to flush toxins and waste from our bodies keeping us healthy and strong.

From a bodybuilding aspect it is also very important to drink allthe water. Water is great at suppressing your appetite and helps improve your bodies ability to metabolize foods. Did you know drinking more water can almost instantly make you look more conditioned? The more water you drink the less water your body will hold onto. When you are constantly drinking water your body recognizes that and gets rid of water it doesn’t need instead of storing everything. With a constant supply coming in there is no need to hold onto as much water.

To transport those important nutrients to your muscles you guessed it, water is needed. Good digestion is key for your body to use and absorb the micronutrients you eat. So how much water is enough? I like to drink at least 4L a day but it all depends how active you are. A minimum of 2L a day across the board is a safe start. There is always the pee test, if it’s clear you are probably hydrated!

How much water do you drink? How do you ensure you are getting enough?

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