Hiking Lindeman Lake – Chilliwack BC

How can you not fall in love with that cleansing, fresh air that hits your nose while you walk through nature? The smell of pure oxygen straight from the trees, and with a hint of pine. Far away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. The sound of birds chirping and singing their songs in the warm summer air. Water rushing past, splashing each rock in it’s path producing that tranquil, peaceful sound. Everything is in bloom with a shade of vibrant green as the backdrop to a beautiful picturesque summer’s day.

There sure is a calming effect about going on a hike, especially one that is out of cell service. There are no distractions, just nature and how it was intended to be, before mankind. Not only do you get the meditating effect nature has, you also get some exercise which will release endorphins making it seem more surreal. Today I went on a hike up to Lindeman Lake, in beautiful British Columbia. First I would like to start by saying, if you have never been to this province I highly recommend it. It is a stunning outdoor playground made for anyone who loves being out in nature. With oceans along the coast, beautiful rivers flowing throughout, and the astonishing mountain views in nearly every direction. There is something for everyone from surfing to snowboarding, rock climbing to kayaking, almost any outdoor activity can be found here.

When I first started the hike I was questioning our choice of hikes. Pulling up to a parking lot packed with cars and what looked like a gravel trail. Now personally I love to feel like I got some exercise when I go on a hike, so this initially worried me. Walking up to the trail you are greeted by tall pine trees, some signs and conveniently a washroom. (Probably not flush-able). Then off we went walking into the that fresh pine smell starting  the hike with disappointment because of the little gravel trail.

I am happy to report that the little gravel trail did not last long and the terrain changed drastically to a rocky, root filled, dirt trail. This was more my style and what I look for in a hike. While you are heading towards the lake it is practically all up hill, so expect a pretty good workout. The trail is initially made up of dirt and stumps with some rocks to few rocks. Eventually that trail drastically changes to much heavier larger rocks with little, to no dirt. The trail forces you to start bouncing between rocks, which sounds a lot worse then it is. The trail is nestled deep within the pine forest, which is also home to many large boulders spread throughout.

At one point the trail takes you past a small rushing stream splashing down the rocks. The water, clear as polished glass runs down beside the trail, carving it’s way through the rocks. At one point while following the trail, you get to an old tree which was knocked down and made into a bridge. A very sturdy bridge might I add, with “hand rails” making it easy to cross. After crossing the bridge, expect to put in some work as the trail gets steep and with more terrain to conquer. I will admit, I was pretty sweaty and had to catch my breath a few times. Keep in mind I do cardio almost daily, but it was a warm 28 degrees Celsius here, which I’m sure added to that.

As you reach the top you will notice a few nice little camp spots, but keep in mind they are pretty well trafficked. Then there it is, a beautiful turquoise bed of water, crystal clear, surrounded by mountain view’s. It’s almost like a prize at the end of the trail, where you can take a nice refreshing dip in the clear blue water. Be prepared though, it may look beautiful and serene, but that ice cold water has a bite. A great way to cool off after the rocky climb up and it is perfect on those hot summer days.

The trail was around 2 hours to hike, with the possibility to go on up to greendrop lake. We went about half way there and turned back. A beautiful, short, intermediate hike which is dog friendly and turned out to be a great exercise opportunity. If you are in the area,  I would recommend this hike for sure. If you got some time to burn Lindeman lake is a great short day hike.

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