Pants- The Bodybuilding Struggle

Girls, consider yourself lucky on this one. One thing that you don’t have to worry about is shopping for pants. You got so many different choices and then there are leggings! They like always fit, you can move in them, they come in all different styles, colors and they are easy to find.


Us guys are not so fortunate in that department. If you work legs at all you will know this struggle! Waist is usually too loose and the quads are tight. You bend over to pick something up and there goes the crotch. You can buy pants that are oversized and wear a belt, but that gives you a scrunched up waist and no ass.

Come summer it’s not horrible since I can get away wearing shorts almost all the time. #winning Then there is sweat pants, they are comfortable but you can’t get away wearing them all the time. So what’s a person to do with quads?


I am happy to say I have found the solution!!! They are not the cheapest pair of pants but they seem to be durable and stretchy! Going to Lululemon one day to get my usual shorts and I found some pants. They look like dress pants but they are stretchy! Also coming in a variety of colors it gives me a selection. They are called the ABC classic pant.


They really give me the freedom to move, I can easily pop a squat in them. They are also super comfortable, and have functional pockets. They have become a necessity in my wardrobe and I honestly wear them majority of the time. That famous Lululemon butt is not just for girls anymore.


Do you have these problems as well? What is your solution? Have you tried these pants before?

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