Keeping That Weight off for Good

Did you know that the success rate of most diets is actually pretty high. Someone who is motivated enough and takes some sort of action is bound to lose some weight. But the statistics say 95% actually keep the weight off! That is clearly a problem, so what’s going on here?


We will go over why this happens real quickly and I will try to make it pretty simple. So you have been on your diet and it’s working great, you are eating 1500 calories a day and losing weight. Your maintenance calories or where your body will maintain it’s weight is at 1600 calories. But over a couple weeks your body adapts to the 1500 calories and learns to live off that. In short you are slowing down your metabolism and your body now will maintain itself off that 1500 calories.


Your goal weight is achieved! Yay let’s celebrate and go eat what we couldn’t before🤣. This seems to be the mentality of our society. Food is always a big part when people get together and at celebrations. But here’s where the problem shows up. Your pre-diet maintenance calories were 2000 calories but now have dropped to 1500 calories. So going back to your pre-diet calories is going to pack on weight and faster then before! So really the diet may have got you to that goal weight but for long term, more damage was done then good.


Cue in ….. REVERSE DIETING👏👏👏. This is where after you diet and reach that goal, you slowly increase calories back into your diet. What you are doing is adding small amounts weekly that your body hardly notices and slowly increasing your metabolism. Ex. For easy numbers, we will use a 200 lbs person eating 2000 calories a day.

Before a contest eating 1800 calories

Said person would weight them self on Friday morning, weighing 200lbs. They would add 50-75 calories for the next week = 2050. Once again they weigh in on the following Friday at 200lbs. They would then add calories again making it 2100 and see what next Friday brings. You basically will keep doing this until you start gaining weight, there you will stop adding calories until your body adapts to the new number and you hit 200lbs again. You are adding the food in such small increments that your body should hardly notice it. This allows the body to adapt to the new calorie count without gaining that weight back.


The benefit…. there is no rebound! You maintain your diet body and get back to eating what you were before starting your diet journey. You have sped up your metabolism making it easier to lose weight next time you go on a diet. Dieting on 3000 calories is a heck of a lot easier then 2000 calories! Yes it takes more time, but it’s better then wasting your time doing a diet that makes you gain more weight long term.

5 months post show eating 3200 calories

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