The 7 Rules of Gym Etiquette

Coming into a new gym or going into the gym for the first time can really be a nerve racking experience. People seeing you workout and watching what you do. Worrying what other think and having them judge you. Being a personal trainer we were always told that just getting in the gym was one of the biggest feat for people.


What people tend to forget is we were all at that beginning point at some time. We all were new to the gym and for the majority of us, understand that fear. To be honest I’m usually so focused on my own workout I can be pretty oblivious to my surroundings. That being said if anyone approaches me with questions I love to answer them and try to explain things the best I can to help.


For these stressful times there are a few gym etiquette items that everyone should follow. Whether it’s your first time or 10000 time in the gym these items should be kept in mind.

💥Shower, wear clean workout clothes and wear deodorant. It can be so distracting trying to breathe properly when all you can smell is BO. At minimum rock some pit stick.

💥Wipe down your equipment. You may not stink or sweat at all but it’s just common courtesy to the person that follows you. You would want a clean machine to get on and so will the people after you.

💥Put the equipment away where it belongs. Nothing is more frustrating then trying to find a weight and scanning up and down the rack because someone can’t count.

💥In the dumbbell area don’t workout directly in front of the dumbbell’s. Don’t make people reach around you and wait for you to be done so they can get to their weight. Step back a few steps and give people the space.

💥Unload the weights when your done. I feel bad seeing some little 100lbs girl having to take all the plates off the leg press after some bodybuilder just left them there. Good for you that you can lift so much, but not everyone can so don’t leave the weight on.

💥1 headphone in means yes I will gladly talk to you. Both headphones in, I’m trying to f__k things up here do don’t disturb me. Yes this one can change depending how well you know the person.

💥leaving a water bottle on something is like reserving a table at a restaurant. Don’t just jump in and take that equipment without at least asking around quickly.


Any things that should be added to this list? What are your pet peeves? If you are new-ish to the gym following these few items will help you stay off people’s radar in a negative way.

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