Using Lifting Straps to Hit Those PR’s

You have so many options these days of things to help you with your lifts. We got supplements for anything phase you are in, gloves, straps, wraps, you name it I’m sure it’s out there. With so many options it makes it hard to decide really what you need.


I have tried nearly all of them and will admit that most have their place. But there is one thing that I almost consider a necessity. I always keep it in my gym bag and ready because I seem to use it the most. Every gym bag needs a pair of lifting straps!


So what makes these so special? Well last time you worked on your back or did dead lifts, did you struggle to hold the weight? When you are trying to lift heavy usually my grip goes before my back does. I will have to stop maybe 3 reps earlier because the darn weight is slipping from my hand. Well lifting straps are the answer to that.


They are super cheap and relatively simple to use. All you need to do is wrap them around your wrist, through the loop and around the bar. But the wrapping around the bar gives you all the grip! I wouldn’t recommend using them all the time though, by doing this you weaken your grip strength. But those days when you are lifting extra heavy or doing dead lifts they help out big time. I know personally that’s the difference between 4 reps at 350lbs and 10reps at 350lbs.


Have you ever tried lifting straps? What did you think? Are they part of your back routine now?

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