The Neglected Nutrient That you Need

Okay so today we are going to talk about a diet necessity that is often missed. This can literally make you lose bloat and weight, with-in a couple of days. So what could this miracle diet secret possibly be? Where can I buy it!? Take my money!!!

I’ll give you a hint, you can get it in almost every grocery store out there. People always worry about protein, fats or carbs. There’s keto diets, bodybuilder diets which are all about the protein, and I’m sure everyone has heard someone say “I need to cut my carbs back.” What they usually don’t mention is their fiber intake.

Now hear me out, I know it isn’t the most glamorous nutrient, I will give an example for simplicity sake. Think of your body as a car. You can put rocket fuel into your car but have the exhaust plugged, it will not run no matter how hard you try. Your body is the same, you can eat all the right foods but your body needs to discard of the waste.

You keep hearing all these cases of colon cancer and diseases of the intestines. Whether or not it’s the cause of some of these illnesses I’m not 100% sure, but what I can tell you is having waste that your body wants to get rid of just sitting there can’t be a good thing. Countries with more plant based diets (because of the higher fiber content) tend to see less of these diseases.

On days that I am a little low on my fiber I like to eat some bran buds. I mix them with some normal cereal or granola and hardly notice them at all. Even better yet, it only takes 30g of the bran buds (1 serving) to get nearly half my days fiber intake. That only costs me 70 calories, I can easily afford to lose that little amount for my gut health.

Anyone else track their fiber? People who do IIFYM hopefully know it’s importance, since that diet needs it to be counted for it to properly work.

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