Does it Cost More to Eat a Plant Based Diet?

Who doesn’t love a good sale? What makes it even better is seeing the sticker price and knowing what you have actually saved. We all like to save money where we can and if something is on sale we tend to be drawn to it.

That tells us that price really does matter. That brings me to a question I keep hearing… Isn’t eating a vegan diet expensive? “I can’t afford to eat all that health food”. If you are vegan, vegetarian or on a plant based diet I’m sure you have heard this. So is it true? Is it actually more expensive?

Next time you go grocery shopping just take a look at the price of meat. If you are getting things like steak, that alone can take up half your bill. Especially being someone who is into bodybuilding and fitness, protein is a high commodity. It was easy to have half of my bill be just from protein sources.

Now let’s compare that to eating plants. I can get a lot of my protein from split peas, lentils, chickpeas, and beans which are dirt cheap items. I get bulk bags of them which will give me 2 weeks worth of lunches, for as little as $5. Where else can you get 40g of protein in a meal for $0.50 a meal? By eating the foods that are in season you can save a lot off your fresh foods. Most vegetables are pretty reasonably priced anyway for what you get.

I have gone to nearly all of vegan restaurants in my area as I am a foodie. I love trying new restaurants and trying different cultures foods. It really tells you how different people strive. I have also learned there are some fantastic vegan places out there! Like mind blowing some of the options you can get. But what I have been delighted with ( besides how good the dishes were) is the price. The prices are all on par with any other restaurant I have been to. In fact a lot of the time you save, look at a menu which has meat options and vegan options for an example. Which one costs more on average?

So is eating a plant based diet expensive? Nope! I have done both and I can safely say it is cheaper. It will not cost you more to go grocery shopping or grabbing a bite to eat. The only time you really see the price climb, is when you are getting the meat substitutes and fake meats. Some specialty items can get pricey but that goes for any diet. I like to add some in every week just because a lot of them are pretty good and it adds variety.

Have you noticed the price difference changing over?

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