Building that Impressive Back

Getting a real good pump and seeing the muscle swell in size is a real good way to get motivated! It gets a lot easier to get into a workout when you can see the progress and watch the muscle properly contract. In my opinion this is why it can be hard to build a large back.


Having that v-taper really completes the look, it makes your waist look smaller and shoulders look broader. Basically what most bodybuilders are going for. With your back having some of the largest muscles in your body it just looks impressive seeing a well developed back.

A large back can actually make you more powerful in almost all your lifts. From bench press, squats and almost every other exercise it takes balance and stability from your back. We have all seen the people who work all chest and hardly any back. They start to look almost hunchbacked and become internally rotated which can cause injuries down the road and posture issues.

So what do you do to balance out that bench press? Row, and row and row some more! The barbell row is probably one of the most effective exercises you can do. The key things I try to concentrate on for this movement are:
-keep your chest up high
-keep your back straight
-pull the bar to your lower chest
-pull leading with your elbows
-don’t use momentum, slow and controlled

Building a wide back or building up those lats will make that v-taper appear larger. Pull-ups are #1 for this in my opinion. They really target the whole back so well and it’s a functional exercise. To properly execute a pull up focus on these things:
-pull yourself up by pulling your elbows toward the floor
-do full reps all the way down and chin to the bar
-keep your chest high, think of pulling it to the bar
-use assisted pull up machine or resistance bands looped around a leg if body weight is too much

The last and probably king of back movement is the deadlift. Nothing builds a posterior chain better then the deadlift. But also one of the lifts that is most likely to be performed incorrectly. So what are we looking for in a proper deadlift?
-feet hip width apart and under the bar
-grip the bar shoulder width apart
-bend your knees until your shins touch the bar
-keep your chest up high and gaze straight forward
-keep shoulders rolled back and keep a neutral spine at all times (AVOID ROUNDING YOUR BACK)
-its better to lift properly then to lift heavy, back injuries suck and that rounded back will get you there fast!

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