My Fitness Pal

What’s one word that everyone dress when they talk about fitness? The illusive word…… DIET. It can be physically and mentally demanding on your body really taking a lot out of you. Then knowing what to eat and how much of everything to eat without guidance can be a real pain. So any tool that you can use to make life easier in these difficult times would be a huge advantage.


Cue in my fitness pal 👏👏. This has been my lifeline going through every contest I have done. Anytime I diet or feel the need to track my calories I use this app. It’s available on iPhone, Android and I’m sure many other platforms. The best part about it, is it’s free! I believe there is a premium version you can get which gives you a little more control but I have never needed that.

So what makes this app so special? First, how you input food is super simple. If the food has a bar code you can literally just scan it and input a serving amount. It takes all of 10 seconds and I got it tracked. If it doesn’t have a bar code just type it in and most foods are on there. I find most restaurants and foods are all on there, I rarely struggle to find things.

It has its own algorithm to help you set goals and figure out your approximate calorie intake. I can’t say I have really tried this much to know if it works but I’m sure it learns by your weight. I set my calories in there and adjust my macros so my protein in around my body weight. After that it’s start eating and plugging in information.

Another pretty cool feature that I came across is it links to your fit bit, if you have one. It will count how many calories I have burnt while wearing the watch and input it into myfitnesspal to adjust your numbers by activity. You can also input ingredients if you are baking something and make a recipe. You can then save that so anytime you make it the info is all there and it’s easy to log.

I could go on about the features this app has but honestly it’s better if you just try it and start inputting info in it. The more you use it the more info it saves and the easier it gets to use. But honestly I couldn’t diet without it anymore. It makes life way easier and I can always know what I’m eating and if I am staying on track. Give it a shot and let me know if you like it !

On a side note the macros you see in this picture is me dieting for summer. The calorie deficit is real 😢

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