The Ultimate Bottle

It’s a swell day out here today! The sun is shining, it’s hot, there is that slight breeze which is wonderful. One thing that is really important on these hot summer days is keeping hydrated. In fact keeping hydrated is always important.
We all know water has many benefits and our body is mostly made up of it. I’ll save all the important information about it for a later date. What I really wanted to talk about is my favorite water bottle. Why am I sharing this? Well because I love mine and anything that can make your fitness journey a little easier is a win.
I got one of those S’well water bottles a couple months ago and have really fell in love with it. Before getting too far into this, they are expensive. Like the most I would ever pay for a bottle. In fact I used to question people who had them. That was until I got one.
So why are they so special? First they are durable as heck, being made of stainless steel it never alters the flavor of my water. Yes when you drink enough water it can have different flavors depending on brands. But unlike it’s plastic counterpart it can be dropped and it’s not going to blow up on the floor. RIP numerous shaker cups….
It also keeps your water cold for up to 12 hours! I didn’t believe that at first until I brought my bottle to my bed stand table. Next morning I woke up to take a drink and still cold! We drink our water from the tap to reduce how many bottles we go through. But it can really get a odd chlorine taste if it’s any other temperature then cold. I find myself actually drinking more water because of this.
It has also been proven that you will lose more weight by drinking cold water. Why is this? Well simply for the fact that your body then uses energy to warm the water up to match it’s temperature. By always having cold water I can burn that little extra weight!
So yea they are a little crazy expensive for a water bottle and can be a little hard to justify. But if asked “would you buy another?” I would say yes! I find myself drinking more water, enjoying it a little more, and maybe even getting a little skinnier in the process. They really are….  you guessed it …… Swell 😉🤣

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