Oh no it’s getting hot out! That can only mean 1 thing….. it’s diet season. For whatever your reason may be, most always diet come summer time. Probably for the fact that most of us show more skin aka bathing suits. Maybe it’s just a goal to lose so much weight or to look a certain way. Regardless the reason there are some general guidelines that should be followed.
There are sooooo many different diets these days, basically whatever you want to eat there is a diet for you. I personally take a iifym approach to dieting (if it fits your macros). I won’t get into the different diets in this post, it would take a whole post to explain each different type. That being said, choose a diet you can stick with and one that is sustainable for long term.
For a diet to properly work there are points that need to be in place. Regardless of what you are eating, here are the things to keep in mind:
💥You need to be in a calorie defect to lose weight. Simply put, you must burn more calories then you ingest to lose weight. If there is extra calories left over that were not burned up, it will be stored.
💥Drink a lot of water! Water helps keep your metabolism fired up which in turn you burn more calories. Your body being made up of mostly water it needs a lot to properly function and flush out toxins. It will also increase your energy and relieve fatigue.
💥If maintaining muscle is important to you then you should be aiming to get your bodyweight in protein. You need protein to build and repair tissues in your body so make sure you are getting enough! High protein diets also have shown to aid in weight loss.
💥Eat, don’t drink your calories. It is always more satisfying and fullfilling to eat your calories then drinking them. The amount of calories in a can of pop or juice is equal to a meal but won’t keep you full.
💥You should be hungry. If you are not mildly hungry then you are not in a calorie deficit. By eating a little slower you give your body more time to digest and tell you when it’s full.
Let me know what kind of diet you follow! I’m interested to see what kind of diets people are using successfully. Regardless what diet you want to try or have used in the past, ensuring you hit these items will help you succeed. The big key to success is find something that is sustainable and you won’t hate every minute of. If you don’t enjoy it you won’t stick with it so find one that makes you happy and eat foods you enjoy (within reason😏).

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