Field Burger

1529376568390It’s almost summer !!! The sun has finally started shining here, my pail skin is starting to see some color and I can get away wearing  t-shirt outside. By far it’s my favorite time of the year, and it also brings BBQ season!
I have been trying to cook a lot more of my food on the BBQ to avoid heating up the house but this has been a learning experience. It’s a lot different when you are not just cooking a big hunk of meat. I have been struggling, needless to say with most, but I am confident I will get it figured out.
Last night I had some burgers, not just any burgers, but my favorite store bought burgers! These things are fantastic!!! If you have not already tried the field roast fieldburger I would highly recommend these. They are vegan, and they always come out juicy with loads of flavor. The macros are pretty good too with each burger having a whopping 25g of protein. The only drawback is the price of them, locally I find them at $9 per 4 pack. But I see them as treating myself and still cheaper then going out for a burger.
I finally got the chance to make them on the BBQ last night, usually I like to fry them in a pan with a little olive oil. I also grabbed some tempeh sticks and soaked them in some liquid smoke prior to grilling them. The result was a vegan “bacon burger” that was to die for! I won’t lie I would have taken pictures of this amazing burger but the buns I had were embarrassingly small making it look a little ridiculous.
If you have yet to try these burgers I would highly recommend forking over the $9 once, just to try them. They taste great no matter which way I have tried cooking them and have become one of my favorites. They are great if you are into fitness with a low carb number and high in protein. Have you tried these? Let me know what you think of them or if you have found a better burger!

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